Advisory Committee


The Advisory Committee represents diverse stakeholder groups from around the West. It is an important information relay in the West – informing the Center on pest problems and priorities, and informing stakeholder groups about Center activities and programs. Dates in parenthesis indicate when a member's current term ends.

Dr. Fabian Menalled (2021)

  • Regional Coordinator, Western SARE

Peg Perreault (2020)

  • Environmental Specialist, EPA Region 8

Dr. Anil Shrestha (2020)

  • Professor of Weed Science, Department of Plant Science, California State University, Fresno

Dr. Andy Jensen (2019)

  • Manager, Northwest Potato Research Consortium

Dr. Diane Alston (2019)

  • Professor and Entomology Specialist, Department of Biology, Utah State University

Amy Gannon (2019)

  • Entomologist, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Ben Bowell (2021)

  • Organic Education Specialist, Oregon Tilth

Mr. Scott Ockey (2019)

  • Field Development Manager, Western U.S., Certis USA

Ms. Africa Dorame-Avalos (2019)

  • Pesticide Program Manager, Inter Tribal Council of Arizona

Mr. Todd Murray (2020)

  • Director, Agriculture and Natural Resources Unit, Washington State University

Dr.  Michael Horak (2020)

  • Regional Field Coordinator, Western Region IR-4 Program

Dr.  Danesha Seth Carley (2021)

  • Director, Southern IPM Center


Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Herb Bolton

  • National Program Leader, Division of Plant Systems-Protection, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Dr. David Epstein (2018)

  • Entomologist, USDA, Office of Pest Management Policy