Communications Resources


Here are a few Center-developed resources that may be helpful for anyone with public-communication or outreach responsibilities. Contact Center Communication Coordinator Steve Elliott if you'd like more information.  

Communication Self-Evaluation

This reflective self-evaluation tool helps communicators take a deep-dive into their own current communications, focusing on the following ares:

  • Methods you use
  • Audiences you target
  • Time and effort devoted to each
  • Ranking of importance
  • Evaluation of success (by method)


Infographic thumbnail


 IPM Overview Infographic

This one-page infographic shows how integrated pest management protects American agriculture, and why ongoing IPM research is so vital. 



AMP Presentation: Defining Audience, Message and Purpose to Improve Communication

Before publishing any new material, defining the target audience, the message you want to convey and the purpose of the publication will help it achieve the goals you want. This are the PowerPoint slides presented at the Association of Communication Excellence conference in June 2015. 


Start with Audience

Because we believe in it so much, we've written about this twice. This is blog post from early 2019.


Promote Your Project or Program with the Perfect Press Release

A well-written press release distributed to the right outlets can really successfully promote a project and help educate the public. Unfortunately, a poorly written press release is more likely to end up in the trash. 
So here’s how to do it right.