Crop Pest-Losses and Impact Assessment


Pesticide use in cotton graphicThe development of accurate, real-world data on crop pest losses and pesticide usage is vital to the agricultural industry. Quantifiable measurements of pesticide use, costs, pests, and yield and quality losses due to pests are our most objective tools for assessing IPM impacts in agriculture.


The Crop Pest Losses and Impact Assessment program began as a work group and became a signature program in 2012. The group is made up of extension entomologists, county agents, farm advisors, pest control advisors, growers and ag industry representatives from Arizona and the low desert regions of California involved in the region’s major cropping systems, including head lettuce, melons and cotton.

Data are collected through interactive workshops attended by pest control advisors and other stakeholders throughout the growing regions. Surveys are mailed to those who could not attend in order to develop the most complete data possible.

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