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Introducing our people, publications and partners

The Western IPM Center promotes integrated pest management, a science-based process to identify and reduce risks from pests using the most economical and environmentally responsible means. Learn more about IPM in this entry from the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.

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The Western Region

Who We Are

The Western IPM Center is one of four regional centers funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture to promote integrated pest management. We serve as the hub of a multi-state partnership and communication network linking researchers, growers, extension educators, commodity organizations, environmental groups, pest control professionals, government agencies and others. From our office in Davis, California, we serve 17 Western states and Pacific Island territories.

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What We Do

The Western IPM Center promotes IPM development, adoption and evaluation to solve pest problems in agriculture, natural settings and communities across the West. We encourage a science-based approach to pest management to reduce risks to people and the environment by using pest biology, environmental information and all available technology to reduce pest damage to acceptable levels by the most economical means. Our goal is to bring the right people together with the necessary resources to solve the West's important pest problems.

How We Do It

We listen to our stakeholders to identify problems and set priorities for IPM research and outreach, and we support solutions by funding research-initiation grants, multi-state work groups, IPM planning and evaluation efforts, and outreach and implementation projects. We publish a monthly newsletter, an annual report and this website.