Stakeholders from the 13 Western states and Pacific Island territories identify priorities for the Western IPM Center. Because of the vast geographic, climatic, and host diversity in the Western Region - as well as the constant threat posed by invasive and emerging pest species - our stakeholders have determined that a single list of priority pests, crops or issues is not practicable. 

Therefore, Western IPM Center priorities fall into two categories:

  1. Invasive, resistant or emerging pest problems that are disrupting effective IPM programs in agriculture, natural lands or community settings.
  2. Pest issues and concerns previously identified as priorities by stakeholder groups in the West. Sources of stakeholder-identified priorities include:
  • National IPM Roadmap
  • Pest Management Strategic Plans
  • Priorities established by the IR-4 Food Use Workshop
  • Recommendations from Western Extension, Research and Academic (WERA) groups under the umbrella of the Western Association of Agriculture Experiment Station Directors
  • Reports from program advisory committees, such as the advisory committees for state IPM or extension programs
  • Reports or research priorities published by stakeholder groups, such as pest-management priorities listed in commodity-commission-funded grant programs