Project Publications

Western IPM Center funding has supported a variety of outreach and educational publications, including websites, videos and publications. (Follow these links for Pest Management Strategic Plans and Crop Profiles.) 


Sustainable Places Information Network 

The Sustainable Places Information Network (SPIN) is focused on developing tools and ideas to help implement successful, ecologically-based management strategies in urban environments. Site developed by the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.

Intermountain Tree Fruit Production Guide 

The Intermountain Tree Fruit Guide covers pest management and general production issues for growing healthy fruit in the Intermountain West, with an emphasis on integrated pest management and sustainable agriculture. Site developed jointly by the extension programs at Utah State University, University of Idaho and Colorado State University.

Insect Pests of Animals 

This website is devoted to the management of ectoparasites of animals - flies, lice, ticks, mites and fleas - an includes a database that lets veternarians find effective treatments based on their state, the type of animal being treated and the type of pest. Site developed by UC Riverside.


An Introduction to IPM - Produced by the University of Arizona.

IPM for Mice - Produced by the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.

Managing Bedbugs without Harmful Pesticides - Produced by the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.

IPM Videos for Homeowners and Gardeners

A dozen videos covering everything from ants and dandelions to mosquitos and weed control. Produced by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Integrated Pest Management and Health Inspections  - Produced by the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.

Training Material

Water Quality Training Slides - Learn how to protect water sources from pesticide pollution. The slides are designed for trainers to use and adapt to local audiences and needs.

A Classroom InPESTigationA Classroom InPESTigation: Life Science Curriculum for Grades 3-5

This curriculum, written to meet the new federal Next Generation Science Standards, containes five one-hour lessons that teach students what a pest is, what kind of pest it is, why it lives where it does, how pests can be managed, and how to conduct a classroom “inPESTigation” to see what pests or potential pests might be in their classroom, and ways to prevent or control them. Download



​Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Hops


Released in December 2015, the Field Guide presents current, science-based information on all aspects of disease, weed, and pest and beneficial arthropod identification, biology, and management in a style intended for growers, consultants, and other field personnel. Over 200 color photos are provided throughout the book to aid in identification and diagnosis. Download


Medusahead Management Guide coverHandbook on Pests of Community Environments of the Desert Southwest United States

The handbook covers major arthropod, vertebrate and weed pests in communities in the U.S. Desert Southwest, and includes IPM steps to manage most of the common pests in a practical, safe and sustainable manner, as well as sources that provide information on specific management measures for individual pests. Download


Medusahead Management Guide coverMedusahead Management Guide for the Western States

The Medusahead Management Guide has chapters on the introduction and spread of medusahead in the Western United States, as well as its impacts, biology and ecology. Much of the guide is devoted to management of the weed, through mechanical, cultural, chemical and integrated methods. Download


Tree Fruit Guide coverIntermountain Commercial Tree Fruit Production Guide

The Intermountain Tree Fruit Guide covers pest management and general production issues for growing healthy fruit in the Intermountain West, with an emphasis on integrated pest management and sustainable agriculture. Order


Natural Enemies coverNatural Enemies of the Southwest

A full-color, 74-page guide highlighting the natural enemies of the pests of Southwest field crops. Order



Weed Control FactsheetsYellow archangel factsgeet

Two-page factsheets for controlling American Pokeweed, Blackberry, English Ivy, Garlic Mustard, Giant Hogweed, Lesser Celandine, Old Man’s Beard, Spurge Laurel, Water Primrose and Yellow Archangel. Download

Weed Seedling Identification Guide for Montana and Northern Great PlainsWeed Seedling guide cover

A guide to common and problematic broadleaf weeds and grasses in Montana and the Northern Great Plains states. Download



Early Detection and Rapid Response brochureEarly Detection and Rapid Response to New Plant Invaders

This Montana-focused brochure describes how early detection and rapid response works as a key elements to weed management, and how to determine if it can be an effective strategy. It includes photos of three weeds of concern in Montana, and resources and contact information. Download


Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest VineyardsNorthwest Vineyards Field Guide cover

Provides straightforward, science-based information on identification and control of the region’s insect and mite pests, beneficial arthropods, diseases, disorders and weeds affecting wine and juice grapes. Download   Order 

English-Spanish Pocket Version: Order

Potato Scouting Manuel coverField Guide to Potato Pests

This 130-page pocket-sized manual helps potato field workers scout for common diseases, insects and weeds that can impact potato yields. In English and Spanish. Order



Alaska Field Guide to Potato Pests and Beneficial InsectsAlaska Potato Guide cover

In English and Russian. Download



Dichotomous Key and Illustrated Guide to the Pests of Bivalve Aquaculture in Washington 

and Oregon

The guide addresses some of the complex management decisions facing bivalve producers in Washington and Oregon. Many of the organisms described in the guide may be pests at times on bivalve farms but at other times are integral members of intertidal communities. Download


New Mexico Plants for pollinators posterNew Mexico Plants for Pollinators Poster

A full-color poster that includes pictures and names of good plants for pollinators, broken down into spring-flowering shrubs, summer-flowering annuals, summer-flowering perennials, and autumn-flowering species. Download


New Mexico Native Bees Guide coverGuide to Native Bees of New Mexico

An introductory guide to the main groups of native bees in New Mexico, including information on techniques for enhancing bee habitat. Download



Yellow Starthistle Management GuideYellow Starthistle Management Guide cover

This guide includes the biology, ecology and history of yellow starthistle in California and provides an overview of treatment methods, including each method's advantages and disadvantages, timing and best fit in a strategic management plan. Download or order


IPM Practitioners' Directory coverIPM Practitioner’s Directory of Least-Toxic Pest-Control Products

Lists more than 2,000 products by more than 600 suppliers. Download or order 



Bed bugs poster in Chinese

Bed Bugs Poster

Available in the following languages: Amharic, Burmese, English, Nepali, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.