Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle

Coconut rhinoceros beetle


In 2015, the Invasive Species Insects Subgroup focused on coconut rhinoceros beetle, an invasive insect spreading across the Pacific. In March of that year, a work group gathered after the Hawaiian Entomological Society meeting to share the latest information and research on the beetle.

Specifically, researchers shared information about a novel biotype of the coconut rhinoceros beetle that is resistant to existing biocontrol measures.

Discovered in 2007 and known as the Guam biotype, the beetle isn't susceptible to oryctes nudivirus, a virus used as the primary biocontrol measure for the Pacific biotype of the beetle. Damage has been particularly heavy on Guam, where Typhoon Dolphin caused heavy damage in May and created large numbers of breeding sites in the downed palms. Guam-biotype beetles have been confirmed on Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Palau and the Solomon Islands.

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