Pesticide Risk Management


This new signature program will engage Western state IPM coordinators and practitioners in capacity development that supports the IPM Roadmap goals of reducing human health and environmental risks from pests and pest- management strategies and address needs expressed by Western state IPM programs to achieve pesticide risk reduction across the West. This program will:

  • Design and conduct an annual pesticide risk management workshop for Western IPM state coordinators and other research or extension faculty, focused on pesticide risk communication and impact evaluation. Participants will learn about, design and evaluate new ideas for risk education programming, targeted to the specific needs of their respective audiences and explore opportunities for collaboration and information-sharing.
  • Conduct a monthly online pesticide risk management workshop to provide Western Region IPM coordinators and practitioners continued capacity development and a forum for discussing commonly used pesticides that might pose risks and hazards.
  • Host four participants per year at their choice of stakeholder-engagement events that address methods of pesticide risk consultation and communication. 
  • Collaborate with groups such as the Western Risk Management Education Center to make available tools and resources for pesticide risk assessment, education and mitigation that can be used by extension educators, consultants and farmers.

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