Team Helps Combat Decline of Guam Ironwood Trees


In 2002, a local farmer noticed several Guam ironwood  trees that were planted in a single-row windbreak were dying.  By 2005, what became known as Ironwood Tree Decline was  widespread across the island, with some sites seeing more  than half of their ironwoods in distress.  

Guam ironwood treesThe University of Guam Cooperative Extension Service’s  Plant Health and Pest Management group – along with 11  other agencies – began studying the causes of the tree die-off.  Led by Cooperative Extension’s Robert Schlub, the group  recently published a 28-page report examining the history  of the tree on Guam and its research into the causes of its  decline.

Support for the research came from many sources, including  the Western IPM Center, and led to major advances in  understanding the role of bacteria in the decline complex.  The report also offers advice on combating Ironwood  Tree Decline through tree health care recommendations,  including recommendations on site and soil evaluation, trees  installation and post-planting care.